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ONN Investments is for everyone who is eager to take the first step towards investing. It is backed by a young and dynamic team of professionals working round the clock to make your investment experience a breeze!

Gaurav Sharma
What makes us different from others is that our expertise is not limited to one field. We are lending services more than twelve years, ours is a customer friendly company. We are always full of zeal to provide you solutions for Finance (Housing loan, Lap, CC Limits, Project Loans, Car Loans), Property Consultants, Insurance (General, Life, Health), Mutual Funds (Sip).
We cater to all kind of industry be it small or large. We serve single individuals and groups too.

We company establishes good links. We guarantee that once you have come to our doorstep will not go anywhere else.


Home Loan

Make your dreams come true by home loan policies. Whether its construction or renovation you can get up to 95% of estimate cost.

So get ready to avail super offers. Built up purchase upto 70% to 85% of registry value.
Plot purchase + construction within or out of MC “Municipal Corporation” limit.

Car Loan

Now drive your dreams as new car loan is up to 90% of on road price with maximum term of seven years. Not only has this but we give used car loan also its available up to 75% of market value.


You can get mortgage loan against residential, commercial or industrial property for your further business expansion or any personal use.

Education Loan

Loan for higher studies is available up to 25 lakh at lowest rate of interest against residential or commercial property.

Project Loan

Thinking of your own business? Stop thinking now and apply for project loan now and implement your business ideas into reality and start your own business, manufacturing unit. Get loan up to 75% of total project cost.
We have no doubt that investing in property is good decision coz it continues giving good profit to investor.

But many of investor especially first time investors have number of doubts/questions which stops them to investing in property.
So we at Onn Investments, have answers of your all doubts/questions which raise in your mind.

- When to Buy property?
- How to choose the right property?
- When is the best stage to buy?
- What makes more sense — Rent or Buy?
- Plot Vs Multi-storey? 
- Independent plot or apartment? 
- Best way to buy property?
- Market checklist before buying re-sale property?
Insurance has evolved as a process of safeguarding the interest of people from loss and uncertainty. It may be described as a social device to reduce or eliminate risk of loss to life and property. Insurance provide financial support and reduce uncertainties in business and human life. It provides safety and security against particular event. There is always a fear of sudden loss. Insurance provides a cover against any sudden loss.
For example, in case of life insurance financial assistance is provided to the family of the insured on his death. In case of other insurance security is provided against the loss due to fire, marine, accidents etc. Insurance does not only protect against risks and uncertainties, but also provides an investment channel too. Life insurance enables systematic savings due to payment of regular premium. Life insurance provides a mode of investment.
It develops a habit of saving money by paying premium. The insured get the lump sum amount at the maturity of the contract. Thus life insurance encourages savings.

We at Onn Investments provide multiple options in general insurance, Life insurance, Health Insurance. You can say we have one stop solution for all your insurance needs.
Saving money is good, investing money is better, and investing money with a plan in place is the best. In this section, we will look at the basics of financial planning for the future, how to design an investment plan using various asset types that are available for investments, and how to monitor the investments.
While this is a very vast topic, we will try to introduce some of the basic concepts in this section to get you going in this direction. Mutual funds are a great way for a retail investor to participate in the capital markets (both debt and equity). They offer the benefit of expert management, diversification, and low cost to investors.
In this section, we will look at the basics of mutual funds – what they are, the different categories, the costs involved, how to choose them, how to invest in them etc. We will also look at the risks involved in investing in these instruments.

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Why Choose Us?


We have experience of more than twelve years. We are securing future of peoples in the best ways with our innovative ideas and safe schemes.

We’re Punctual

We can swear by our punctuality. Our services are so quick and prompt. We are always ready to deliver what you want.

We have magic

Our company is so magical. In no time, without any obstacles we serve small and large companies. You are bound to be tempted by our magical offers.


It is not only our official duty to cater our customers but also our love towards our work. We does our work passionately. Your profit is our motto.

We’re responsible

Once you have come to our doorstep you become our responsibility. We are all ready to protect and serve you. We never go wrong in performing our duties with a great sense of responsibility.

We're Friendly

Ours is a customer friendly company. We can you out of all the problems like a true friend. We are always there for you.


When it comes to truly independent and unbiased advice in SIP ONN INVESTMENTS would rank very high in the industry.

Mr. Uppal


My interaction with Mr. Gaurav Sharma over the past 4 years has given me the confidence that I am safe hands with regard to advice and I can look forward to long term wealth creation that would beat the index returns handsomely.

Manpreet Singh


What I like most is their focus on clients (category or individuals), certain segments/stocks, quality of research, regular performance updates and of course their passion.

Rohit Roy


What I like about ONN INVESTMENTS is their in depth analysis and thought out process in their recommendations which leaves no doubt in the mind of the investor.

Raman Sachdeva


I must say ONN INVESTMENTS is one stop solution of all Insurance needs.

Gurpreet Singh
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